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Running your own business in the auto industry through franchises?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about cars and those things that belong in this direction may have already thought about going this way in professional terms, or one is already engaged in a professional activity as an employee. Sometimes the thought even came up of going into business for yourself and setting up your own business.

One possibility here could be franchising. What does franchise mean? This is a form of cooperation between a person (franchisee) and a company (franchisor). Here, the franchisee takes over the business model and its structure of the franchisor and in return pays a fee, which can be very different.

This business model can be seen very well in the large fast food chains. But this form is also used more frequently in the automotive sector than you might think at first. Examples of this are workshops, car rental companies, car washes, petrol stations, driving schools, special repair services or tire service.

What are the advantages of franchising?

As the franchisee is always in contact with the company or the franchisor, this has enormous advantages right from the start. On the one hand, there is the business model itself, which already works in other locations and can therefore be analyzed to determine whether it could also be worthwhile for one’s own city.

Once again, sales structures are already in place that do not have to be set up yourself, this can save a lot of time and even money.

Furthermore, the awareness of the company itself should not be underestimated. The better known the name is, the more trust the customers have, which is an important factor especially in the start-up phase.

It makes a big difference whether, for example, you open your own workshop and build up a customer base over several years (which can also have its advantages) or whether the workshop belongs to a well-known brand. In the best case scenario, the franchisor himself continues to ensure that the company becomes better known through numerous marketing campaigns.

So it is well worth considering whether franchising could be worthwhile.

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