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Which insurances are necessary and useful for the car?

As a motorist, you think about car insurance. There is no getting around motor vehicle liability insurance, it is compulsory insurance. There are of course other options such as partial, fully comprehensive and traffic legal protection insurance, which are worth thinking about.

Liability Insurance

It is required by law and is therefore compulsory; no vehicle can be used on the road without liability insurance. The insurance covers claims for damages that arise from a third party.

What does the partially comprehensive insurance offer?

The insurance regulates damage caused by hail, floods, lightning strikes or storm damage. Theft, game damage and marten bites are also covered by the insurance. It is worthwhile to think about the partially comprehensive insurance, storm damage or hailstorms can cause considerable damage to the vehicle.

What does a fully comprehensive insurance offer?

The benefits vary from insurance to insurance, but almost always include the same benefits, only the tariffs and damage coverage are different. A fully comprehensive insurance includes all the services of the partially comprehensive insurance, it is essentially a complete all-round protection for the vehicle.

However, this is not a carte blanche if there is willful action, such as driving under drugs or alcohol or other deliberate offenses can endanger the insurance cover. It is always advisable to take out fully comprehensive insurance for new vehicles and vehicles that hardly lose their value with increasing age.

With average vehicles, the cost-benefit factor should be compared with increasing age, since fully comprehensive insurance causes considerably more costs than partially comprehensive insurance.

Does traffic legal protection insurance make sense?

It is a sensible investment as the costs are negligible over the year. The insurance covers all attorney and court costs that can be significant in a traffic dispute. It does not necessarily have to be the legal dispute after an accident, some insurance companies offer their customers support with problems with the workshop, with the sale of a car, traffic offenses or expert opinions.

Obtain various offers from insurance companies

It always makes sense to get different offers, after all there are different price-performance ratios.

Attention! There is nothing to counteract advice from the insurance agent, some insurance companies also offer a kind of prospectus, in which all services are advertised.

There is a risk that neither the advice nor the prospectus contain the so-called small print, neither of which is binding. Because neither is a contract. You should have the insurance contract / application that is signed later (preferably the original) handed over to you (without an insurance agent) to read it through in peace and quiet, ideally sleep on it for a night. This way, the various contracts can be checked for advantages and disadvantages.

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